[EAZET] The ideal steel screw herical pile installing system in Japan


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What is"EAZET"

EAZET is the highly sophisticated steel pile engineering in the field of construction. Vibration free, noise free, wastage free, its unique pile installation method is one of the ideal in the history of pile driving development. It provides best and brightest solutions to foundation problems compared to traditional piling system. Since its development, total work leach over 20 thousands, it is becoming one of the top brand in Japanese pile construction market.

Environmentally Friendly

EAZET is the pure environmental choice for deep foundations. There is no environmental pollution from its operation.
Vibration free, noise free, there is no concrete or water wastage when it's installing.

Wastage free

EAZET pile construction without wastage

Noise Free, Vibration free

The level of noise and vivration is very low.

The level of noise

Pile specification The distance of surveillance
Pile shaft
Pile tip
The depth
of pile
5.0 m 15.0 m 25.0 m
165.2 450 8.0 71 67 63
267.4 580 7.0 73 67 63
165.2 450 5.5 74 68 64
267.4 580 8.0 73 68 63

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High Performance

EAZET has a large bearing capacity and pulling capacity comparing to the ordinal piling system. Uniquely designed pile spiral tip will be a source of high bearing capacity and high pulling performance. Its performance is developing each year by our constant research and development activity.

High bearing capacity

By the effect of its extended pile spiral tip, it can enlarge the bearing capacity comparing to the ordinal straight type pile.

High pulling capacity

Extended spiral tip have an effect of anchor in the penetrated layer.

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High Quality

High Quality

By monitoring the torque and its verticality constantly during the installing EAZET pile, we can make the quality of pile driving more excellent one.


All EAZET work will be operated by specially trained workers and foremen with the back up of Asahi Kasei Construction Materials CO., LTD. Every work and its date will be recorded in the form of official construction report.

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Not only its operation machine is very minimum size, but also its work can be done only by EAZET machine without using plant equipment. These factors are reason for EAZET work can be done in the very restricted and confined situation.

Machine line-up

Driving work on the road

Work within the factory plant

The work in the railway station

Confined area

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