[EAZET] The ideal steel screw herical pile installing system in Japan


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Machine lineup

We had developed and deployed wide range EAZET pile driving (installing) machines specially designed for EAZET pile works. With those EAZET pile machine line-up, we can easily adjust to so many kinds of construction site conditions. Offering the best solution to our customer is our philosophy.

Classification of the EAZET machines

EAZET machine are classified by machine performance, body-size, and height in the operation.

Machine classification Abbreviation The measurement of the machine Machine portrait
standard type
LL type
Standard type L type
Quasi-standard type M type
Small type S type
Special 2 m type 2 m type
Special 2 m type SS type

Normal mast type

Low head mast type

Super low head type

Special deep knowledge will be required to make decisions for selecting the machine and pile specification appropriately. You should make contact us when selecting the machine and EAZET pile specifications.

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