HebelTM features

What is HebelTM?


Fire Resistance

HebelTM employs rust-proofed steel reinforcing to ensure the necessary strength at all locations within the panel. Hebel steel reiniforcing HebelTM is inorganic, and therefore does not burn, or generate toxic gases. Superior resistance to fire

Thermal Insulation

Light weight

HebelTM contains millions of air bubbles, ensuring an insulation effect ten times that of concrete. This results in increased efficiency in room heating and cooling, and a reduction in air-conditioning expenses. Furthermore, condensation, the culprit for mold development, is reduced. Superior thermal insulation HebelTM has a specific gravity of 0.6, and is approximately 1/4th of the weight of concrete. Reducing the overall weight of the building reduces the costs of the framework (e.g. steel reinforcing) and foundations, assisting in controlling the cost of construction.
Hebel floats on water

Short construction period

HebelTM's light weight, and the ability to standardize and rationalize installation because of the factory-made precision prefab panel components, are effective in shortening contruction periods. Ideal for applications such as commercial and apartment buildings where the construction period must be shortened as much as possible.

Strength in earthquake conditions

In addition to HebelTM's light weight, the rocking mechanism used for installation (HDRTM method) accomodates seismic forces, providing buildings with the strength to resist earthquakes.


HebelTM's stable quality ensures that its high levels of performance are maintained over the long-term.
HebelTM contains no asbestos or VOCs (e.g. formaldehyde, chlorpyrifos), and therefore clears the revisions to the Building Standards Law implemented July 1st, 2003 to resolve the problem of 'Sick House Syndrome'.


HebelTM is a recyclable construction material.
HebelTM is an organic contruction material produced primarily from silica rock, lime, and cement. The cut-offs from building sites can be reused as raw materials for cement, and HebelTM itself.

What is HebelTM?
HebelTM raw materials are primarily silica rock, cement, and quick lime, mixed with water and aluminium powder, and foamed. After partial hardening, the material is cut into panels, and cured in an autoclave at high temperature.
This process produces stable tobermorite crystals, the secret of HebelTM.
Tobermorite crystals
Tobermorite crystals
HebelTM just out of the autoclave
Hebel manufacturing process

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