Properties of HebelTM

Item Physical properties JIS standard values
Density Absolute dry condition 500kg/m3 Greater than 450, less than 550
Dry air condition 600kg/m3 -
Mass for construction calculations 650kg/m3 -
Strength Compression strength 3.92N/mm2 (dry air) 3.0N/mm2or greater
Tension strength 0.49N/mm2 (dry air) -
Bending strength 0.98N/mm2 (dry air) -
Shear strength 0.49N/mm2 (dry air) -
Young's modulus 1.72~103N/mm2 (dry air) -
Heat Thermal conductivity* 0.15W/mK (dry air) -
Specific heat 1047J/kgK (dry air) -
Thermal resistance 0.67m2K/W (100mm thick) 5.3tm2K/W or greater (t = panel thickness (m))
Coefficient of thermal expansion 7~10-6(normal temperature) -
Sound Transmission loss 40dB (100mm thick, at 1000Hz) -
Water Single-surface water absorption coefficient 12vol% (immersion of the bottom of a 10 ~ 10 ~ 30cm cuboid in 1cm of water for 21 days)
Coefficient of water absorption on whole side 33vol% (immersion of a 10cm cube to a depth of 3cm under water for 21 days)
Dry shrinkage ratio 0.05% or less 0.05% or less
Specific water vapor resistance 5.33~103mhpa/g (at humidity of 84.5%) -
* 0.17W/mK under 'Residential (next generation, new) Energy-saving Standard' and 'Housing Loan Support Mechanism Standard'

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