HRCTM method@Reinforced concrete collective housing AAC secondary wall installation method


Strength in earthquake conditions: Clear structural isolation from frame.
(complete slit type, light weight)

According to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Bulletin No.594, the effect of forces transmitted from HebelTM panels can be ignored, and the complete silt type, in which panels and reinforced concrete frame are completely isolated, allows the loads on the frame during an earthquake to be ignored. Panels are installed with a rocking method in which each panel rotates slightly to follow deformation of the frame, thus avoiding major damage in the event of an earthquake.
Furthermore, weight of panels is approximately 1/4th that of concrete (specific gravity 0.65), reducing loads on foundations and frame.
HRC method  Locking mechanism

Stable product quality: HebelTM is a JIS standard product. (industrial products)

HebelTM panels are manufactured to high quality requirements under strict controls in accordance with the JIS A 5416 standard. Furthermore, HebelTM panels are cured in an autoclave to produce a material with a chemically stable crystalline structure of high durability.

Shortened construction time: Frame construction rationalized,
and construction time shortened. (dry method)

HebelTM panels are manufactured in a factory and mounted with the dry method, eliminating labor-intensive secondary wall steel reinforcing work, and reducing cycle time. Slits in boxing are eliminated, and suspended concrete repairs are reduced, thus simplifying on-site management.

Method types

The HRCTM method is available in two types depending on backing fittings and mounting method. The range of application for each method is as follows.

Units: mm
Construction methods Installing outline Wind pressure (N/m2) Features
Positive pressure Negative pressure
Type A Angle sections are welded to anchors embedded in the reinforced concrete frame. 5,500 or less*1 Able to accomo date multi-story and high loads.
Type B Type B dedicated fittings installed using anchor bolts in the reinforced concrete frame. 2,300 or less 1,800 or less*2 Embedding of anchors for welding not required.
*1) Consult with us for wind pressures exceeding 5,500N/m2.
*2) With Type B, the weight of mounting fittings has been reduced to rationalize concrete work and mounting of panels, permitting installation with anchor bolts (or nail guns). Always ensure that the range of design loads noted above are strictly followed.

Installation detail

Type A (foundation upstands)
HRC method Type A (foundation upstands)

Type A (benefit)
HRC method  Type A (benefit)

Type B (stepped foundations)
HRC method Type B (stepped foundations)

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