Fire-resistant covering


(1) Dry method
A dry method (screwed) of mounting AAC thin panel Hebel LiteTM on steel backing on columns and beams. Column size includes the base material.
(2) Also usable outside
When used on exterior columns and beams where wind loads apply, care is required in determining the pitch of the base fittings. Use the same finish as would be done on exterior walls.

Design and construction method for columns and beams

Method for columns

Hebel Lite Fire-resistant covering for columns
1-hour fire rating: FP060CN-9405
2-hour fire rating: FP120CN-9406
  Fire-resistant covering Column plan

Method for beams

Hebel Lite Fire-resistant covering for beams
1-hour fire rating: FP060BM-9352
2-hour fire rating: FP120BM-9353
  Fire-resistant covering Beam cross-section

Fire-resistant packing is not required between panels when columns and beams have a 1-hour fire rating.

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