Wood insulation

Wood-frame wall, roof, and floor insulation

With its low thermal conductivity (λ-value, W/mK), Neoma Foam provides superior performance in all wood-frame structures and enables highly effective thin-layer insulation.

Neoma Foam infill installation - walls, roofs, and floors

NEOMA Foam panels enable highly effective insulation even in 2x4 frames, while conventional insulation materials would require 2x6 or 2x8 frames for the same R-value (thermal resistance, m²K/W).

Floor infill - installation in progress

Roof infill - installation in progress

Wall infill - installation in progress

Wall infill - panel emplacement

Neoma Foam outer installation - exterior walls and roofs

In outer installation, NEOMA Foam forms a smooth, uninterrupted conformation which, together with its low thermal conductivity (λ-value), enables thin-panel configurations for thin, well insulated walls and roofs.

Exterior wall - outer insulation in place

Exterior wall - outer insulation schematic

Roof - outer installation in progress

Roof - outer insulation schematic