CanvasTM Shot-blasting for design-to-order


Panels to express a free world of diagonal lines and curves.
An exterior wall material employing Asahi Kasei's unique leading-edge technology for shot-blasting panel surfaces.
3 types of standard series (Natural, Traditional, Casual) pre-processed by Asahi Kasei are available as well as an original type that the customer designs.
Canvas manufacturing process

Installation example

Using the original type

Canvas original type installation example


Units: mm
Panel thickness Processing depth Panel width Panel length (maximum span) Permissible load
100 8.5 Limited to 600 10mm intervals between 600 and 3,750
Positive wind pressure of 1,900N/m2or less
and negative wind pressure of 1,900N/m2or less.
125 8.5 Limited to 600 10mm intervals between 600 and 4,100
Based on 100mm thick flat panels
150 8.5 Limited to 600 10mm intervals between 600 and 4,200
Based on 125mm thick flat panels

NA-06 up to 1800mm in length
Processing depth of 8.5mm The use of shot-blasting results in slight variations on surface texture.

Design pattern

Standard type

Natural Series

Designs inspired by nature - stone, vegetation, waves, and clouds.

Canvas Natural Series Canvas Natural Series

Casual Series

Designed as casual and playful, with a modern image.

Canvas Casual Series Canvas Casual Series

Traditional Series

Designed with traditional image such as traditional beauty and geometrical patterns.

Canvas Casual Series Canvas Casual Series

Original type

The designer is free to design a panel surface within a fixed parameter.

Canvas Original type

The illustrations above are examples of original panel designs.

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