HDRTM method@A complete dry rocking method strong against earthquakes


Ability to follow deformation on surface

The unique rocking mechanism allows movement of the panel to follow deformation of the steel framework.
Despite application of a large external force to the framework, damage and dislodging of the outer wall panels are prevented, thus increasing the durability and safety of the building.
Ability to follow deformation (prior to deformation) Ability to follow deformation (during deformation)

Beautiful finish and fast installation

Since joints are not filled with mortar, and bolt hole repair is unnecessary, a clean finish is obtained, and construction time is shortened.

Easy installation in confined sites

Since the installation is possible from within the building, installation in confined sites in close proximity to the adjacent building is easy.

Reliable sealing

Sealing with complete adhesion between two surfaces ensures superior performance in following the movement of panels.
Sealed joint shape

Instllation detail

General part

Outline drawing
HDR method  Outline drawing

HDR method General part cross-section detail drawing

HDR method General part plan detail drawing


Base clip
HDR method Foundation Base clip

Embedded anchor
HDR method  Foundation Embedded anchor

i*j A round-type R spacer can be used with the HDRTM method if the flat panel is 100mm thick, and the design panel is 100mm or 125mm thick.

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