Relief panelsTM

Relief panels

(patent pending)
Hebel Lite Relief panels

What are Relief panelsTM?

A sophisticated Asahi Kasai construction material with a level of design not seen in previous ACC panels.
The fire-resistance and thermal insulation of the AAC panels is combined with multiple design variations to express the character of the building.


Design variations

See the standards table for each panel size.

Old brick (H) Border stone (H)
Cooperative housing
Grid mosaic
Multipurpose house
Old brick (H) Border stone (H) グリッドモザイク
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Old brick E (V) Sandstone block
Housing Multipurpose
Old brick E (V) Sandstone block
Sandstone block L  
Sandstone block L  
Border stone V
Housing Office Cooperative
Teppei (V)
ボーダーストーンV テッペイV
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Caution: Spacing of the design grooves at one end on the 75H75, 75H150, and 75H300 2,000mm long panels differs, and are 50mm. Caution is required when allocating panels.
・Contact us for inquiries on corner panels.

Panel cross-section

Relief panel Cross-section shape

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