Hainoji 50TM

Fire-resistant roof sheathing board with excellent thermal insulation

Hainoji 50
Hainoji 50 panel

What is Hainoji 50TM?

A sheathing roof board which provides superior thermal insulation, sound insulation, and corrosion resistance of AAC. In addition to general panels, Hainoji 50TMS is available for high snowfall areas.

Hainoji 50TM allowable load

Hainoji 50TM allowable load

455mm 606mm 666mm
Short-term Positive pressure 11,600N/m2 6,500N/m2 5,400N/m2
Negative pressure 4,400N/m2 3,400N/m2 3,100N/m2
Long-term Positive pressure 5,800N/m2 3,200N/m2 2,700N/m2

Hainoji 50TMS allowable load

455mm 606mm 666mm
Short-term Positive pressure 18,200N/m2 10,200N/m2 8,500N/m2
Negative pressure 4,400N/m2 3,400N/m2 3,100N/m2
Long-term Positive pressure 9,100N/m2 5,100N/m2 4,200N/m2
Otherwise, the same as Hebel LiteTM General panels.

Hainoji 50TM performance

Thermal insulation performance: Create a comfortable space shielded from radiated heat.

Hainoji 50TM provides excellent thermal insulation, controls increases in indoor temperatures (under roof), and dramatically reduces heat radiated indoors.

Comparison of thermal insulation performance

Metal vertical roofing   Slate
Thermal insulation performance Metal roof   Thermal insulation performance Slate
Performance figures noted here illustrate an example of measured data, not figures for an actual building.

Thermal insulation performance Temperature change

Light shock noise (rain on roof)
sound insulation performance
Sound insulation performance in an age of constant noise
Hainoji 50TM provides excellent sound insulation performance against light shock noise, reducing rain noise on roofs, and ensuring a quieter living space.
Thermal insulation performance Superior thermal insulation performance for energy-saving
Hainoji 50TM provides top level thermal insulation as an integral part of the roof. Therefore if it is used on roofs with high heat loss, it will reduce heating and cooling costs.
Anti-corrosive performance Excellent resistance to corrosion associated with inorganic materials.
Hainoji 50TM is composed primarily of inorganic materials such as finely crushed silica sand, cement, and quick lime to provide excellent resistance to corrosion.
Zero asbestos Zero asbestos - leading the needs of the age
Hainoji 50TM is completely free of toxic asbestos, and can therefore be used with confidence in government and public buildings etc.


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