Hebel LiteTM Features


Since the primary materials are inorganic, there is no fear of toxic gases being emitted in the event of a fire. Hebel LiteTM is totally free of asbestos.


Hebel LiteTM provides excellent fire-resistance, and in addition to the general specifications for non-combustible materials, fire-preventative and fire-resistant structures have been approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.


Hebel LiteTM panels are steam cured in an autoclave for a fixed period of time at high-temperature and high-pressure. The coefficient of thermal expansion, and shrinkage upon drying, are therefore low, with consequently minimal cracking and deformation.

Thermal insulation

Autoclaved lightweight aerated Hebel LiteTM concrete contains millions of air bubbles for superior thermal insulation performance.

Hebel Lite Heat transmission ratio

Sound insulation

Hebel LiteTM provides excellent sound insulation performance as a wall material, reducing penetration of external noise, and transmission of internal sounds such as piano and audio.

Hebel Lite Transmission loss

Ease of installation

Hebel LiteTM is readily installed with normal techniques (tapping screws) into steel and timber framing.
Panels may be readily cut with electric saws and jig saws to complex shapes for fitting, ensuring easy implementation of individual designs.
Vertical application (horizontal butted edges)   Horizontal application (vertical butted edges)
Hebel Lite Vertical application method 	   Hebel Lite Horizontal application method


A range of aesthetically pleasing panels (e.g. Design panels, GfasTM) are available. Select to suit personal tastes.

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