• Industrial applications

Industrial applications

NEOMA panels, in both the standard NEOMA Foam and the high-density NEOMA HD versions, and in other foam densities for specific needs, provide superior performance in a broad range of industrial applications.

NEOMA Foam sets the standard for insulation efficiency together with superior durability and heat resistance.

NEOMA Foam HD maintains this standard, and adds high compressive strength and bending strength, making it the optimum heat-resistant, high-strength insulating material for floor modules and other prefabricated architectural components and core insulation for industrial applications.

Basic properties of NEOMA Foam, NEOMA HD, and other foams

Property Units NEOMA Foam NEOMA HD Rigid
Class A 3
Density kg/m³ 27 40 80 ≤ 30
Thermal conductivity W/m・K
at 20°C
0.020 0.020 0.049 ≥ 0.036
Bending strength N/cm² 45 75 ≤ 45
Compressive strength N/cm² 17 22 62 ≤ 16
Water absorbance g/100 cm² 1.7 ≤ 1.0 ≥ 1
Vapor permeability
(25 mm thickness)
ng/m²sPa 42 42 2.2 ≥ 145

All values shown for NEOMA™ Foam and NEOMA™ HD are typical test values obtained by these methods, and represent no specification or warranty.

Test methods: JIS A 7521.....Density, compressive strength, water absorbance, vapor permeability
Test methods: JIS A 1412.....Thermal conductivity

NEOMA Foam HD panel sizes

O: Made on order

Density (kg/m³) Width x Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
9 12 21 25 33
40 910x1820 O O O O O

For other sizes and densities: Please inquire.